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Deadline TODAY; Participate NOW! Arts for Peace Contest 2012‏

Contribute with us in celebration of International Day of Peace and Culture of Peace Campaign in the “Arts for Peace” Contest and send your (Art Works, Photography, Writings, Articles, Blog Posts, Songs, Short Films, Poetry, Stories, Scripts, Testimonials, Journal Pages) about the Culture of Peace, this contest starting from 10 September and the deadline will be on 10 October 2012 MidnightThis Contest is organized by What’s up Youth “WupY” as part of Culture of Peace Campaign Activities, in cooperation with, Agora Arts & CultureRotary Club of Alexandria Marine and Egypt Foundation. To Participate in the contest this year please, Register then Submit your work here http://bit.ly/Vj72N8.

PEACE by Trading

“Unfortunately this region had been a place for the world war l , a lot of people were killed and a lot of destruction was resulted. So it was thought to convert this area from a place of WAR to a place helping in achieving the world PEACE. But this time PEACE would be achieved by TRADING … by collecting the world in one building, like what the tower of Babel did before… The building will be a vertical financial city; in order to help in the suggested development plan, and to add a new value for the area by adding a new landmark … adding a new lighthouse!” Continue Reading →

Love & Peace

Continue Reading →

Puzzle Band – PEACE

Ideas, Feelings, Experiences, Creations & Memories are more like Puzzle parts inside everyone, We will try to express these parts through music, We will try to find and arrange our own original Puzzle parts to make a new imaginary dream. Continue Reading →

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